Coke Studio

Farida Khanum Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

Farida Khanum

Airy and warm as a calm breeze. Aaj Jane Ki Zidd continues to enrapture the audience to date as the timeless classic penned by Fayyaz Hashmi and composed by the renowned Sohail Rana. The Queen of Ghazal Farida Khanum brings this classic to life  in her inimitable dusky tone as the …

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Malang Party Dil Jale Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

Malang Party

Dil Jale is a mesmerizing psychedelic anthem that grips one like a quiet storm Written and composed by Malang Party front man Zishan Mansoor, a heavy distorted riff marches through the song, paired with a blend of industrial and folksy rhythm reflected in the bands flaring enactment. From the first …

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Ali Zafar Ajj Din Vehre Vich Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar returns with ‘Ajj Din Verhe Vich’ in his third appearance on Coke Studio this season. Written by Shahnawaz Zaidi featuring prose by Ghalib, the track has been composed by Asrar Chishti. Embedded somewhere within a prolonged emotional ballad, the opening strums of the Turkish instrument meet the soulful …

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Siege & Alycia Dias Armaan Episode 7 Coke Studio 8


On their first collaborative single. Armaan the duo Siege Junaid Younus and Ahsan Pervaiz and Alycia Dias  boast their collective strength as they belt out the pop anthem in their signature dynamic voices. In their second appearance on this season, Siege enters the song amidst a consistently addictive groove resonant of a …

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Mai Dhai & Atif Aslam – Kadi Aao Ni Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Mai Dai

Kadi Aao Ni comfortably parks itself in the realm of pop and traditional folk melody, in this spellbinding collaboration of Mai Dhai with Atif Aslam. The sound is inherently infectious as the song opens with Babar Khanna’s subdued, meditative beat of the dholak accompanied by Mai Dhai tender vocals.Enter the …

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Ali Haider & Sara Raza – Jiya Karay Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Ali Haider

Jiya Karay the classic unforgettable tune from the golden era of Pakistani pop music, originally recorded in 1993 appears as a duet with Sara Raza in Ali Haider debut performance on the platform. The Melodica is the track’s prominent organ, which lays the mellow groundwork, but Ali Haider and Sara …

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Shazia Manzoor Rizwan & Muazzam – Hare Hare Baans Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Shazia Manzoor

Hare Hare Baans is deeply rooted in tradition from the onset. A glimpse into the profound world of Amir Khusro, powerhouse trio of Shazia Manzoor and Rizwan & Muazzam, exhibit their fabled vocal skills in a seemingly infinite pallet of sound. Coupled with the shimmering strings of Rubab, Shazia Manzoor …

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Fizza Javed & Mulazim Hussain – Ve Baneya Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Fizza Javed

Ve Baneya the first collaborative single of the duo Fizza Javed & Mulazim Hussain. The song calmly unfolds with Sajid Ali’s flute, as the guitar scribbles over with Babar Khanna’s dholak launching this contemporary semi-classical track. Originally written and composed by the songstress herself, Fizza Javed dreamy vocals create a …

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Ali Azmat – Rangeela Episode 5 Coke Studio 8


Ali Azmat Rangeela is packed with several layers of nostalgia lyrics penned by Junoon day companion Sabir Zafar, originally composed by Bilal Maqsood and armed with his distinct antics Rangeela the track is a testament to the old school pop/rock anthem of the bygone era. Omran Shafique with his blazing guitar …

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Mekaal Hassan Band – Kinaray Episode 5 Coke Studio 8

Mekaal Hasan Band

Kinarey is an audibly purposeful return of Mekaal Hasan Band second appearance at Coke Studio Season 8. A distinctive and instantly memorable Mekaal Hasan Band riff, Sharmistha Chatterjee’s iconic vocal range shines through with Ahsan Papu’s looping flute. Sheldon D’Silva provides ample groove on the bass while Gino Banks’ classic …

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