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Niazi Brothers – Kheryaan Episode 5 Coke Studio 7

Niazi Brothers Kheryaan

The mythical character of Heer is one of the subcontinent’s greatest muses, and has inspired some of the region’s most iconic and celebrated songs poems and stories Yet even across this vast corpus of art stretching across centuries Khairiyan de Naal stands as amongst the finest examples of its kind Babar and Javed Niazi global […]


Jawad Ahmad (Episode 5) Mitti Da Pehlwaan Coke Studio 7

Jawad Ahmad Mitti Da Pehlwaan

Born to two professors of political science Jawad Ahmed’s musical career is testament to his commitment to infusing his songs with the progressive politics and emancipatory spiritualism he believes in Mitti da Pehlwan is a song which mocks humanity’s obsessions with its own facile creations and reminds it of how life is transitory Mitti da […]


Jimmy Khan – Pehla Pyar Episode 5 Coke Studio 7

Jimmy Khan Pehla Pyar CS7

Pehla Pyar was the first song Jimmy Khan ever wrote in Urdu and both the song’s genesis as well as its lyrics speak of a youthful naïve optimism. Although he currently performs with his band Jimmy Khan and the Big Ears, this song was written back when he was a solo performer Pehla Pyar had […]


Abbas Ali Khan – Mujhay Baar Baar Episode 5 Coke Studio 7

Abbas Ali Khan Mujhay Baar Baar

The supremely accomplished Abbas Ali Khan returns to Season 7 with a foreboding epic rendition of a Sufi kalam Mujhe Baar Baar was written by the contemporary Sufi poet Hazrat Baba Gulzar Sabri and Abbas has performed it in his 2014  album Tamam Alam Mast The song speaks out against the rigid notions of orthodoxy, and the […]


Coke Studio Season 7 (Watch Promo) Episode 5

Coke Studio 7 Episode 5

Coke Studio Season 7 Watch Promo Episode 5 Artist Featuring Abbas Ali Khan, Niazi Brothers, Jimmy Khan, Jawad Ahmed Produced by Strings will be On air Sunday 19th October   Watch Episode 5 Video Promo Below:


Asrar – Shakar Wandaan Re Episode 4 Coke Studio 7

Asrar Shakar Wandaan Re CS7

Asrar returns to Coke Studio with his second track Shakar Wandaan The Coke Studio arrangement of the composition brings a whimsical texture to the song that further reiterates the tongue in cheek nature of the song Lyrically the song speaks of distributing sweets as his lover is coming to meet him The track can be […]


Zoheb Hassan – Dheeray Dheeray Episode 4 Coke Studio 7

Zoheb Hassan coke studio 7

Dheray Dheray manifests as another step in Coke Studios journey delving further into the quintessential Pakistani sound that emanated in the 80’s and 90’s Zoheb Hassan’s classic track when brought onto Coke Studio brings forth a style of funk music with a distinct pop influence that resonates with the listener. The song itself is an […]


Javed Bashir & Humera Channa – Episode 4 Coke Studio 7

Javed Bashir & Humera Channa

Coke Studio brings together the iconic South Asian voice of the new millennium Javed Bashir and the honey-dewed vocals of Humera Channa for the track Ambwa The Coke Studio composition unfolds as a folklore transporting one into a dream like landscape. Written by Hazrat Amir Khusro the wordings elaborate a wedding of a girl and […]


Usman Riaz – Bone Shaker Episode 4 Coke Studio 7

Usman Riaz  Bone Shaker

Wielding a modified acoustic guitar the guitar’s neck and body for percussive accompaniment Usman has managed to carve out his own signature style Usman’s debut performance on Coke Studio with Bone Shaker channels percussive sound from the guitar in such flare that it changes ones perception of how the guitar sound or be played Bringing forward the […]


Coke Studio Season 7 – Episode 4 (Watch Promo)

Coke Studio 7  Episdoe 4

Coke Studio Season 7  Artist Featuring Episode 4  Asrar – Javed Bashir & Humera Channa – Zoheb Hasan – Usman Riaz Produced by Strings Watch Video Below:

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