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Farida Khanum
Coke Studio

Farida Khanum Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

Airy and warm as a calm breeze. Aaj Jane Ki Zidd continues to enrapture the audience to date as the timeless

Malang Party
Coke Studio

Malang Party Dil Jale Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

Dil Jale is a mesmerizing psychedelic anthem that grips one like a quiet storm Written and composed by Malang Party

Ali Zafar
Coke Studio

Ali Zafar Ajj Din Vehre Vich Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

Ali Zafar returns with ‘Ajj Din Verhe Vich’ in his third appearance on Coke Studio this season. Written by Shahnawaz

Coke Studio

Siege & Alycia Dias Armaan Episode 7 Coke Studio 8

On their first collaborative single. Armaan the duo Siege Junaid Younus and Ahsan Pervaiz and Alycia Dias  boast their collective strength as

Mai Dai
Coke Studio

Mai Dhai & Atif Aslam – Kadi Aao Ni Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Kadi Aao Ni comfortably parks itself in the realm of pop and traditional folk melody, in this spellbinding collaboration of

Ali Haider
Coke Studio

Ali Haider & Sara Raza – Jiya Karay Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Jiya Karay the classic unforgettable tune from the golden era of Pakistani pop music, originally recorded in 1993 appears as

Shazia Manzoor
Coke Studio

Shazia Manzoor Rizwan & Muazzam – Hare Hare Baans Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Hare Hare Baans is deeply rooted in tradition from the onset. A glimpse into the profound world of Amir Khusro,

Fizza Javed
Coke Studio

Fizza Javed & Mulazim Hussain – Ve Baneya Coke Studio 8 Episode 6

Ve Baneya the first collaborative single of the duo Fizza Javed & Mulazim Hussain. The song calmly unfolds with Sajid

Coke Studio

Ali Azmat – Rangeela Episode 5 Coke Studio 8

Ali Azmat Rangeela is packed with several layers of nostalgia lyrics penned by Junoon day companion Sabir Zafar, originally composed

Mekaal Hasan Band
Coke Studio

Mekaal Hassan Band – Kinaray Episode 5 Coke Studio 8

Kinarey is an audibly purposeful return of Mekaal Hasan Band second appearance at Coke Studio Season 8. A distinctive and