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Mathira Upcoming Item Song In Bollywood


The latest entrant into Indian entertainment industry from across our border, Mathira Khan says she is getting tired of people’s hypocrisy when it comes to her bold, semi-clothed photographs in the Pakistani media.

Often branded as the ‘sex bomb’ of Pakistan, Mathira, who shot for the cover of Pakistan’s Fashion Diet Magazine in very scanty clothes thus giving the illusion of being naked, defends herself saying, “Yes, I am bold and being bold is not a sin.” She clarifies, “In fact, my photograph for the Pakistani magazine cover that was alleged to be nude, is not nude. I was wearing a boob tube and a really huge guy was hugging me. So, from behind him it appeared I was topless.”


When asked how she has managed titillation in Pakistani media without inviting a fatwa, Mathira, who anchors, sings besides modeling in Pakistan, shrugs, “You know, they do talk bad about me for being bold but when I go on screen they sit down to watch me too.”

Mathira has shot for her first item song, in the underproduction Punjabi film, `Young Malang’, produced by Congress politician Rajinder Kaur Bhattal’s son Rahulinder Singh. All set to make in roads into Bollywood (Mathira says she has also met Mahesh Bhatt), this rather young actress, who was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Pakistan when she was 13, is confident of acceptance in B-town. “The only hassle is I cannot speak Hindi fluently right now, but I am not conversant with Urdu either. But then, does that matter? After all, even Katrina didn’t know Hindi at all,” she beams.

Young Malang that promises to be a perfect concoction of Bollywood and Punjabi cinema artistes is being produced by Rahulinder Singh Sidhu, CEO of RSG Studios.
“Working for the item number was enjoyable and it would help strengthen ‘cultural bond’ between India and

Pakistan,” Mathira said. Responding to a question on her controversial past, Mathira said she had not worked to get recognition in a short period of time.

“I always challenge the social norms that confine a woman to four walls in the name of social bonds… I walk ahead of the people and keep pace with changing social norms,” she said.

Mathira, born to an African father and Pakistani mother, lived in Zimbabwe for about 18 years before settling in Pakistan. She is also a VJ, model and singer.

She said she was not a stranger to the camera and claimed that there was a thin line between “being vulgar and being sexy”. Her television career started with a programme where she appeared as a yoga instructor.


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