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Sajjad Ali – Suth Gaana Episode 7 Coke Studio 7

Sajjad Ali Suth Gaana Coke Studio 7

Few artists have the ability to juxtapose the traditional with the popular quite like Sajjad Ali does Right from the moment Suth Gaana begins with him showing off his classical roots to the infectious refrains of this humorous song Sajjad Ali reminds the listeners of the range of both his voice and intellect. Sutth Gaana ...


Abrar Ul Haq – Pani Da Bulbula Episode 7 Coke Studio 7

Abrar-Ul-Haq Pani Da Bulbula

The coming together of Abrar-ul-Haq and Pani Da Bulbula is a union of one of Pakistan’s most popular artists with one of its most popular songs The song which has its roots in Punjabi folk music originally become famous through the rendition of Atif Yaqoob in the 1970s Its infectious rhythm and the ability to ...


Naseer & Shahab – Za Sta Pasha Na Yam Episode 7 Coke Studio 7

Naseer & Shahab, Za Sta Pasha Na Yam

When Naseer and Shahab first released Za Sta Pashan Na Yam the song took Pakistan by storm Although several musicians had released well-received versions of pop and rock songs sung in Pushto this was perhaps the first to crossover into the mainstream The remarkably catchy chorus, which translates into “I am not like you” is a ...


Ustad Raees Khan – Hans Dhuni Episode 7 Coke Studio 7

Ustad Raees Khan Hans Dhuni Coke Studio 7

Ustaad Raees Khan Sahib is one of the subcontinent’s most revered musicians, and hails from a family of classical musicians going back thirty generations His father Ustaad Mohammed Khan started giving lessons to his son when he was only two and a half years old and he was soon a virtuoso on the sitar. One of ...


Sajna – Farhan Saeed (Audio Song)

farham Saeed

Artist: Farhan Saeed Song: Sajna Written by : Farhan Saeed Produced Composed and arranged by: Adrian David Emmanuel Listen Audio Song Blow:


Ali Khan Shaman Tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Listen/Download)

Ali Khan Shaman

Ali Khan Shaman Tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Artist: Ali Khan Song: Shaman Music Arrangement Mix Master by Ali Khan Download Audio: Click here Listen Audio Song Below:


Yousaf Rizvi & Nauman Bari – OST Dil Nahi Manta (Video Song)

Dil Nahi Manta OST

Artist: Yousaf Rizvi & Nauman Bari Song: Dil Nahi Manta OST Dil Nahi Manta Directed By: Mohammad Iftikhar Iffi Writer: Seema Ghazal Starring: Emaad Irfani, Sarah Khan, Amna Ilyas, Javed Sheikh, Rubina Ashra, Seemi Pasha,Saif e Hasan,Gul e Rana,Salma Hasan Download Audio: Click here Watch Video Song Below:


Talhah Yunus ft Sharaf Qaisar – Hot Nigga Remix (Audio Song)

Talhah Yunus ft Sharaf Qaisar

Singer: Talhah Yunus Feat Sharaf Qaisar Track: Hot Nigga Remix (Explict) Audio Production: SQ Music Listen to the Audio Song Below:


Rusya Na Kar – Uzair (Listen/Download)

Rusya Na Ka Uzair

Song: Rusya Na Kar Singer: UZAIR Music: Shajar Fakhar Special Thanks: Omer Oz Mohsin Shah & Asad Chohan Download Audio: Click here Listen Audio Song Below:


Kim Kardashian following Pooja Misrra

Kim Kardashian hot

Many of these Bollywood and Hollywood stars look-alike and are pretty much well known while some others may not be. Most of these Bollywood stars have been identified based on manual comparison between their face and features like eyes, hair etc. Recently the gorgeous and lovely Pooja Misrra has turned Into the hottest sex kitten in Bollywood. She did ...

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